Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College Hospital, Sylhet

Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet is situated in divisional headquarter of Sylhet Division and located at Ragib-Rabeya Medical College Road, Pathantula, Sylhet, Bangladesh. Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet which is about 225 km from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Sylhet is the land of saints and sufis and may be termed as the spiritual centre of Bangladesh. It is surrounded by lush tea gardens, hills and valleys in a picturesque landscape. It has an excellent rail, road, air and river communications linking with capital City Dhaka as well as Port City Chittagong. It takes only 22 minutes by air from Dhaka to Sylhet and 41/2 hours by road.

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Website : jrrmc.edu.bd
Phone/Mobile Number : +880 821-719090 / 0821 - 719096 (GENERAL ENQUIRES) / +8801720070208 (Hospital Emergency) / 01779900016 Main Office (24 HRS)
Email : noorjahanhospital@ymail.com
Loaction : , Sylhet, 3100, Bangladesh

Noorjahan Hospital, Sylhet

The journey of Noorjahan started in the early 1950's with a Small eye hospital, which was the first private hospital in Sylhet and among the few in the whole of Bangladesh. And due to overwhelming demand of health services in Bangladesh, Noorjahan had to extend its perimeter to a new larger general hospital in 1982 to serve the Bangladeshi community. Since then, Noorjahan has grown to provide a wide range of medical services delivering the highest standards of quality healthcare, service and value.
Medical care has made great advances during the past century with innovative surgical techniques and drug therapy leading the way forward. In the new millennium, people all over the world will expect, and demand, medical care of the highest quality. With this in mind, Noorjahan Hospital made itself a major provider of healthcare in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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Website : N/A
Phone/Mobile Number : 0821-714123 (GENERAL ENQUIRES) / 0821-712975 (APPOINTMENT) / 01672200000 AMBULANCE SERVICE (24 HRS)
Email : noorjahanhospital@ymail.com
Loaction : Waves 1, Ritz Tower, Dargah gate (Opposite Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar), Sylhet, 3100, Bangladesh

Park View Medical College Hospital, Sylhet

Park View Medical College started its journey with a vision to produce quality medical graduates. Medical colleges throughout the world are changing their course curriculum and teaching strategy to bring dynamism to address societies changing needs and expectations. In line with this we along with other medical colleges of the country introduced new curriculum from January,2014 developed by Bangladesh Medical and Dental council and. New curriculum has given more emphasis on active learning process to prepare future doctors for life-long self-directed learning.
A group of highly experienced and devoted teachers took responsibility of running the academic activities of different departments of the college. A group of young energetic teachers are recruited along with the seniors to meet diverse departmental needs.
I am very much delighted to share and become part of the vision to develop a centre of excellence in undergraduate teaching and learning.
Our medical college possesses highly experienced and devoted teachers. By the guidance of those teachers,potentiality the students of this college will be explored and talent nurtured.

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Website : www.parkviewmedicalcollege.com
Phone/Mobile Number : +880 821-728878
Email : N/A
Loaction : Near Sheikhghat-Kazirbazar, Telihaor, Taltola Road, Sylhet, 3100, Bangladesh

Square Hospital, Sylhet

Square Hospitals Limited, a concern of Square Group is a 400-bed tertiary care hospital. The hospital is an affiliate partner of Methodist Healthcare, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, SingHealth, Singapore, Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre, Thailand and Christian Medical College, Vellore, India.
A lot of physicians have joined from CMC-Vellore, India. Bangladeshi Physicians with impeccable reputation are also part of the medical team. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services, as we have trained over a hundred nurses for over a year. We have nurse educators from Australia, UK, India and the Philippines. Nurses and technicians have already received training from CMC-Vellore which continues to be an on- going process.
Square Hospital is located in the heart of Dhaka and aims to serve greater portion of the capital city. At present it comprises of two buildings on either side of Panthapath connected by an over-bridge. The main hospital building is 18 stories and is approximately 450,000 sq.ft. The second building (ASTRAS) is located across the street and is 16 stories with 136,000 sq.ft. The second building is expected to be operational by 2011. Both facilities are constructed in accordance with US Fire and Building safety standards
The outpatient department of this hospital can serve up to 1200 patients daily, through 60 examination rooms. To ensure optimum healthcare-hospitality, the patients are closely monitored in their waiting times in outpatient clinics, emergency and admissions.

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Website : www.squarehospital.com/
Phone/Mobile Number : +880 821-711321
Email : N/A
Loaction : 156 South Kajal Shah, M.A.G Osmani Medical Road, Sylhet, 3100, Bangladesh

Mount Adora Hospital, Sylhet

Mount Adora Hospital is a 100-bed Specialized care hospital. The hospital is situated at Nayasarak, Sylhet, the spiritual capital of Bangladesh. It is at the heart of the sylhet city. A lot of renowned physicians and surgeons are involved from different discipline of medical science for active patient care. Huge emphasis has been made on quality nursing services. We are in the process of blending of professionalism with huminity. Our approach is to reach the highest level of professional efficiency through continuous monitoring by and regular update from national and international resource personnel. We mean service at its highest level, without any compromise at its quality, while keeping it affordable to the reach of mass people.

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Website : www.mountadora.com
Phone/Mobile Number : +880 1732-239376 01786-637476 (Serial) / 01711-580147 (Hospital) / 01732-239376 (Diagnostic) / 01764-994433(Customer care)
Email : adorahospital@gmail.com
Loaction : Mirboxtula, Nayasarak Rd, Nayasarak, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh
Hours: Open 24 hours

Ibn Sina Hospital, Sylhet

The Ibn Sina Hospital was established in July 1983, Keeping in Pace with continuous development of medical technologies, Ibn Sina hospital has been rendering its services in the field of Medicine (Internal, Neuro, Nephro, Gastro-liver, Cardiac, Onco, Endocrine etc.), Surgery, Gynae, Neuro surgery, Spine Surgery, Knee Surgery, colorectal Surgery, Orthopedics Surgery, urology etc. It provides tertiary level of medical care in those fields. Besides it has opened a new horizon in Laparoscopic Abdominal and colorectal Surgery. With affordable cost it gives services to the ever increasing number of kidney patients through its dialysis unit equipped with most modern equipment and backed by a dedicated medical team. IBN SINA Hospital is proud of its ICU unit for rendering round the clock intensive care services with the help of most modern and sophisticated equipments supported by a very dedicated, skilled, and efficient team of doctors, nurses and other staffs. Ibn Sina Hospital has 8 well equipped operation theater where C-Arm, Operating Microscope available to make operation more effective.

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Website : ibnsinahospitalsylhet.com
Phone/Mobile Number : +880 821 727933-42 / +880 1713301523 / +880 1972832741
Email : info@ibnsinahospitalsylhet.com
Loaction : Subhani Ghat Point, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh

Government Agragami Girl's High School and College, Sylhet

Hazrat Shahjalal (R) Prophet Shahporan (R) and the perception of the spiritual capital of god blessed padasparse punya, two leaves and a bud is full of natural beauty and is an integral part of the history of the division of learning our official leading the Girls' High School and College, Sylhet. The name is pronounced with the history of its golden doors opened, one by one. A well-written book, whose cover was unveiled women students at the school marvels of design on every page, the page is written in the history of women's achievements - heritage, education, literature, culture, and human well-being, joy is beautiful. Happy journey crossing the campus of Bengali women's orthodoxy. Empowerment of women is one of the endless struggle of the unforgettable victory of the year at the school gamthaya rich. In 1903, Ms. Chaudhuri maiden fall behind bhrukati of social acute when the educational institution dedicated to the education of women. A flock of children's feet and put the girl in the courtyard of the school. The start of women's education, they are exposed to the light of knowledge. Along the way, the predecessors of today to become the twenty-first century, illuminated by the wisdom and talent of hundreds of thousands of school students has spread dasadika. Provision for the continuation of the success of predecessors is the way to succeed. Prajanmantare going to go the way of the generation which is illuminated by the family, society, country. Not limited to the followers of the light, did not limit himself to the talent and wisdom baibhabe school students took place in the international arena. Limitations in the text of the book is full of students, so that people can become not only sartiphiketadhari assemble all the creative talent to develop as a student of literature, culture, science, information technology professional, modern man in a modern human values ​​are taken to build schools a variety of activities. As a result, the students of his school song, recitation, creative medhaannesana debate at the national level in various areas has contributed to the success. The present government is giving highest priority to promoting the sport of women's education, culture and information technology are of particular importance. He touched on the success of our students has spread. Our students and teachers of the class and multimedia technology to help keep pace with the world. As a result, the role of information technology in the country to receive the award by the Government of the best educational institutions in the school has maintained its reputation. I firmly believe bisayanuga school, modern, science-minded, efficient and technologically skilled, hard-working teachers in this school's students under the supervision of Doctors light of knowledge, personality susamaya, human consciousness, whetted the general welfare of the country and exposed baidagdhe meaningful contribution. School teachers, students, employees of the combined development efforts of the school to be more successful. However, there was the prospect of more light. Good luck to everyone.

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Website : www.gaghscsyl.edu.bd
Phone/Mobile Number : 0821-716237
Email : gaghsc@gmail.com
Loaction : Hazrat Shahjalal Rd, Zindabazar, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh